Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mae Barrett Memorial Page

Hey everyone, if your interested in doing something really nice for Mae Barrett's family, please leave them a note on Mae's Memorial page at

Also, I'm always interested in hearing what others think about the motive for Mae's murder. Was Myron's mother's upbringing to blame? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. Tammy, I just finished "Little Girl Lost". It was so compelling that I finished it in 2 hours at one sitting. Congratulations on publishing a fine book. I thought it was very well written and edited.
    I believe long suppressed anger, lack of impulse control and sexual deviance was at the core of Myron's decision to kill Mae. His massively flawed relationship with his mother was certainly a factor leading to his psychopathology. His rage toward his mother was misdirected and resulted in the death of an innocent girl.

  2. Brenda, thank you for the kind words. I couldn't agree with you more about your assessment of Myron and his mother's relationship. I only wish I had been able to learn more about that relationship. Since the book came out, I have learned that Anna rarely attended social events or even family functions with Myron and Metro. It appears that she was a very private person, and a loner in her own right.

  3. Tammy-

    Very well written book. I finished the book in one sitting as well. I am actually the grandson of Fred Galvich, whom you interviewed in your book. This was a story he never shared with us and now since the book has been published become a topic of discussion.

    This is a piece of history I never knew about growing up in the area. I am glad that you researched this terrible but important history of the Vandling. As you wrote in your book the current generation knows very little to anything about this. As a history teacher and social science teacher, we look at what shaped peoples lives and human history all the time. I am very interested in what ever research you can find about this.

  4. Tammy I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well as Disposable Income. I think Myrons mother had a lot to do with this. She was beyond overbearing with the tethering and isolating him. He was obviously an intelligent kid and I think he definitely premeditated this. For what reason I can't even guess. I think there are those born as bad seeds. I do hope you plan on writing more books.

  5. My father in law was 10 years old and living in Forest City when this happened. He gave me this book to read, but it took me almost a year to get to it. I read it in 3 hours. This is a story that does NOT need to be forgotten!!!

    As for Myron, I don't believe he premeditated murdering Mae, but I do believe he premeditated murdering a human. Mae just happened to be the one walking behind him. I also believe that Myron's mother being so overbearing didn't help. However, even the best of parents can produce a Bad Seed. Some kids are just bad, no matter what type of childhood they have.

    Thank you for writing this book. I wish now that I could find more on the subject.

  6. As you can see by my last name, this has interested me for a while. What a beautiful, precious life that was lost by that monster. I thought the book was well written. And I think the police work was tremendous.

    George Vandling (

  7. Tammy-

    I love your books. I have an interesting story for you from when I was growing up in brooklyn,pa. Could be useful for research & possible book. Did you ever hear of Kurt Danysh? Back in the 90's he shot & killed his own father in their home in Brooklyn pa. He's currently serving his time in jail. He has sense blamed Prozac for his crime. Now I was very young when this happened so I only remember bits & pieces. Very surreal to wake up one day & hear someone you chatted with on the bus who lived up the rod shot n killed their own father.

  8. I learned about the murder 2 weeks ago from my elderly aunt who grew up in Vandling, lived a few houses down from the murder site and knew both Mae & Myron. Can't believe I never heard of it before. It made me research it, and that led to your book which I liked very much.